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:groups: Welcome to the IchigoxGrimmjow Fan-Group :groups:

This club was made for all of you out there that love and admire Ichigo and Grimmjow as a couple or just as characters in the amazing Bleach series!

For those of you who are ignorant to the awesomeness that IS GrimmIchi, Ichigo and Grimmjow are both from an anime and manga called Bleach! Along with another amazing cast of characters, these two smexy and hot men fight each other and so on.

:w00t: How to Join :w00t:

Membership requests are automatically approved, just click on the button 'Join' and you're in.

:bookdiva: Rules of Conduct :bookdiva:

- Be polite to everyone, admins and members alike

- If you are unsure about something, *ask*

- Do not spam the mainpage with advertising, we'll organize Journals for that purpose

- Feel free to make suggestions on how to improve the group, we're always willing to listen

- Follow the Submission Guidelines

- Report Art Thieves quietly

For anything you might need, just send a note to the group or contact the Founder (lilinoe) or the Contributors (Karijn, minsra, music4ever2010, xxHotStuffxx, Nerukah).

Submission Rules and Guidelines
Folders Descriptions

Grimmjow and Ichigo (and Bleach) belong to Tite Kubo!
Current Avatar Icon belongs to Karijn







I want to sincerely thank each and every one of you who entered!

I honestly thought I wouldn't get many pieces, so I'm happy that all of you took time and effort into creating something for this!!

You all should pat yourselves on the back, because you're all wonderful artists!!

However, there can only be three winners, and it was a struggle to pick...

Third Place!

This Piece

Reason: Personally, I enjoyed reading your story and I liked the way you wrote their characters. Their personalities were definitely there and the light tension made me chuckle. I also loved how you added the actual video game characters into the story! It gave the whole thing a lot deeper meaning and history behind it which made me curious to read more.

Critique: I had to agree with my friend that it was a little tough to read. There were some grammatical errors and a few parts seemed a little rushed and under explained. The situation itself was easy to understand, but not the environment nor the reasoning behind certain actions. I'm not sure how to explain it. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed it and I say you should continue with more chapters~!

Your prizes!

  • 100 Points
  • 1 Chibi or Rough Sketch by Minsra
  • Piece will be Featured in Minsra's Journal
  • 1 No Background and Chibi Drawing from xxHotStuffxx

Second Place!

This Piece

Reason: The idea and the piece all together is lovely~! I like the soft colors you used and the expressions on their faces. The soft yellow lighting on Grimmjow's face is good, as well as the shading around his lips. Ichigo's eyessss! I love them.

Critique: The main reason I didn't bump this up to first place was because I actually didn't really know what game this was until i read your comment. And I didn't want to have to do that with this contest. The drawing is wonderful, but I needed to see the Video Game aspect of it. Yes, I did look it over again when I found out what it was, and I see that Ichigo's jacket is Dante's. Without Nero's wierd arm thing on Grimmjow though, I didn't know who he was supposed to be. And maybe I'm just used to seeing Dante's guns, but it would've been nice if you gave a hint of their weapons.

Your Prizes!
  • 200 Points
  • 1 B&W drawing by Minsra
  • Piece will be Featured in Minsra's Journal
  • 1 B&W Drawing from xxHotStuffxx

First Place!

This Piece

Reason: I very much enjoyed all the detail that was put into this piece. The design of the weapons (especially Grimmjow's claws). The subtle shading of the muscles, as well as the pose you have them in is gorgeous. The best thing about this though and the main reason why I wanted this in First Place was because the game that it was referencing to was instantly recognizable.

Critique: My only critique for this piece would be the background and the shadow. The BG definitely fits the scene and brings everything together, but it looks pixelated. And the shadow is a bit too dark. Giving it a little bit of opacity so you could see a bit of sand beneath would've been nice--but I digress. It's still my favorite piece.

And, as promised, these are your prizes for winning!
  • 400 Points
  • 1 Full Colored drawing by Minsra
  • Piece will be Featured on Club Page and in Minsra's Journal
  • 1 Traditional Drawing from xxHotStuffxx

Send :iconminsra: and :iconxxhotstuffxx: a note describing what kind of drawing you would like and I will send you your points~!

The Critiques were meant for you to read--agree or disagree with them--but it should help you grow nonetheless
So please don't take my critiques too close to heart.
More Journal Entries




Gallery Folders

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Ichigo Kurosaki
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Cosplay and Photomanips
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Threesome Ichi-Grimm-___
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GxI - Save You by megumonster
Written Works

Mature Content

HELP! by Vespa-kid
Surrounded by Ichi.... by mihijime
GrimmIchi Plushies by BlumberBerrry
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Mpreg and Mpreg Children
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